Helping Your Sports Injury

Surprisingly, the majority of sports injuries do not occur from severe accidents, but rather due to overuse. Repetitive stress is the most common risk factor for athletes. Small, repetitive movements executed with poor technique create serious problems over time.

Turning and twisting in the wrong position, as well as hours of typing overly strain the body, causing even more injuries than heavy lifting. In the United States and Canada, millions of dollars are spent each year to help individuals suffering from such injuries.

Chiropractic care has proven to be highly effective in aiding individuals with sports injuries.

Sports injuries are a common reason people seek chiropractic care. Lower back pain and repetitive stress injuries, like tennis elbow and runner's knee, can be effectively treated by chiropractors.

Misaligned joints and vertebrae can cause swelling and nerve irritation, leading to further problems. Quick treatment can speed up the recovery process, and chiropractic doctors can assess your condition and provide guidance on the right steps to take.

If you need additional services, we can help refer you to the right specialist. Don't let pain hold you back from performing at your best. Let us help you get back in the game!

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